Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I've been working on woodcuts in my Printmaking 2 class. It has been VERY time consuming. We had to do an allegory (click for link if you can't remember what that means).
Here is the small study I did to get used to the wood we were using. I am actually going to hand tint the hands a yellow to look like rubber housework gloves (adding a domestic feel to it). I think I'll call this one 'There Is None So Blind.'

My final assignment is 20 x 28" or around there, so they are HUGE! It took me 20+ hours and many cuts all over my finger tips. This is the process we use. We outline in black and then color everything else in red. That way, while you are cutting you can see what is left and what has been cut. You can also sort of tell what the texture will look like when printed. Many of the lines are left on purpose to add texture and interest in a print. It is called 'noise' and is one of my favorite things about a print.
This is my final matrix, carved and ready to print. Notice that it is a mirror image so that it will print the right way onto paper. Can anybody guess what my allegory is about?? I did some prints of it yesterday and they turned out great! I am so excited about my first major woodcut! I'll post a few prints on here when I get a variety printed.

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