Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've decided that subconsciously I love to make my life complicated. Valentines' Day is always a fabulous example. I always feel the need to do something different and wonderful (if I can talk my kiddos into it). WHY? Why can't I just have the kids write their name on store-bought Buzz Lightyear and Hello Kitty cards, attach a piece of store-bought candy and call it good??
Instead, I spent ALL DAY yesterday making these heart-shaped crayons. Yes, they are cool and yes, they turned out cute, but they took FOREVER! Bake for 15 min. and cool for 20 min. with a tray of 6 to make 60 crayons? Yeah, I was ready to be done. Then we still had to make the cards to put them on. Blah. Why do I do that to myself? I don't have time!! (On a side note: my kids did love them and so did all their friends- except the kid that took a bite out of his, so I can console myself that at least it was time well spent).

Here's Little C's cute monster box (see the Pinterest theme in my Valentine's Day yet). He did such a good job. He had his Dad help glue on the teeth and he did everything else himself. The one eye is my favorite part!

I made these bar sugar cookies to take around to family today, except mine had pink frosting and were only half that thick. I need to find a new recipe. I'm just glad tonight has come and I have NOTHING TO DO! Heaven.

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