Friday, March 16, 2012


Wow! 18 years ago I had my first baby boy right after midnight. I instantly knew he was here because he cried LOUDLY! Big C and I were so thrilled to have a son and we've never changed our minds.
D is definitely a keeper and we are so glad he is part of our family! He adds laughs, lots of teasing, and a great sense of creativity to our clan. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE having artists in the family! *(© Sandra Summers photo)

He can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to. (This is his Deadmau5 head from Halloween). He is also a hard worker which I have learned is rare in teens.

What an amazing snowboarder he is! It is his passion and we love to watch him catch 'sick air' as they call it. Happy birthday, D! *(© Jason Stevens photo)

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Tonia Fraser said...

man... we are getting old.

Fun to see your kids grow since I've been watching them via your posts.