Saturday, March 31, 2012


We do a lot of cool stuff in our family, but I would have to say that Spring Break wins the prize for the lamest holiday/vacation in the Gordon household. Big C never wants to take time off work to go anywhere ('It's not Spring Break for me.') and S and I still have classes at the college, so all of our schedules just don't match up.
This year we have older, more independent kids who took off on their own. D and A went with a friend to stay in Southern Utah with his grandparents. They shopped in St. George and hiked in Zions and are having a great teenage road trip according to their texts.

Not to be outdone by her 'little brothers' (that are taller than her), S took off for Brigham City to hang with her best buddy up at their family cabin for Conference Weekend. She's texted me a few times and is having a great time too.

So, Princess P, Little C and I took off on Wednesday and went 'Up North.' We shopped for lots of summer clothes and shoes, went out to lunch and saw a dollar movie. It was a fun day and a good break.

Today we are cleaning though, so it's not as fun. Princess P and I washed all the windows in our house (inside and out) and Big C cleaned out his garage. Gotta get on that spring cleaning. Housework never has been my strong suit, but I was in the groove today. Glad some of it's done!

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Tonia Fraser said...

My boys have a different time frame for spring break than I do... so my spring break next week will probably be spent cleaning as well :)