Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I wanted to get out of the house on Saturday after washing window all morning, so when Big C got home from kiting, I made him hike to the screen on Bald Mountain with me. Princess P wanted to come too.
Here are the happy hikers up on top. Princess P is a fabulous hiker! She kicked my butt, 'course that's not hard to do..., but still, she was amazing!

Big C had to climb to the top of the screen, what a surprise. I kept imagining him falling to the ground and wondering how I would get him down the mountain. Yes, I'm that kind of wife and mother.

Princess P and Big C on the screen.

Big C decided to take us bush-wacking down an alternate route that ended up taking twice as long. Princess P wasn't so happy by the time we got down, but it sure was a beautiful day. Ah, spring, why did you have to go and snow on us the very next day??

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