Sunday, June 24, 2012


This weekend was another Westwater weekend for some of my family. Big C, S, D and A all went with some friends. It was 106˚ f down there and they had an interesting experience.
The group just before they left.
 The Colorado River is the lowest it has been in years. We haven't had measurable amounts of rain for over 60 days. Not a great year in Utah for whitewater adventures (compared to last year when it was epic!). They ended up running it at about 2,500 cfs and usually Big C won't run it in June because it is normally around 20,000 cfs this time of year.

Big C eating his pasta salad Flintstone style.
When they got there and set up camp that night they discovered they had forgotten to bring bowls for the pasta salad. OOPS! I guess they found flat rocks, washed them off and used them as plates. So glad S took a photo. 

The next day they had a fun time through the rapids, but the six mile flat section at the bottom was horrible. The wind was blowing so hard it was making white caps back UP the river and they could barely get anywhere rowing as hard as they could. In fact, they ended up hiking the last few hundred yards because they weren't making any progress. I just have to say that that is one trip I am glad to have missed.

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