Sunday, July 8, 2012


I didn't document our Christensen reunion this year very well. I only got a few photos, but we had a great time! Some of the aunts and uncles that are normally in charge of it were on missions, so the cousins took over this year and we really did a great job!
The Maple Canyon Hike was my assignment.
One of the newer things we did was go on a hike. We did the box canyon in Maple Canyon. It is beautiful with just enough climbing and ducking to keep everybody on their toes. We had quite a group (around 45-50 people went) and everyone had a good time.
Me, Little C, S and Princess P after the hike.
That was my responsibility this year (besides renting out all the venues since I'm the local girl). We also spent an afternoon at the AC (swimming, raquetball, soccer, tennis, etc...), ate some yummy dinners, listened to my aunt and uncle report on their second mission to the Ukraine, visited and caught up with relatives, played kickball, spent time at the farm and the temple, slack lined, played 'Fugitive' and more.

The Dance Party
I think a new tradition has been started with the dance the last night. We have some amazing dancers in our family (definitely not me)! I never knew...

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