Saturday, July 21, 2012


Big C and my two oldest sons were on staff at the Skyline Varsity All Stars camp again this year. They had another amazing experience and I am so glad they have the opportunity to go up and participate.
The final flag ceremony on Skyline Drive.
 On the last day parents can drive up and meet the scouts for their final flag ceremony, so I did again this year. A did the 'deep thought.' It must have been too deep for me because I can't remember what it was.

Me with my Scouts! I'm so proud of them!
The setting is such a beautiful place to have a flag ceremony. I love going up there. It is a very spiritual place (except when the four wheelers are driving by).

Some of the youth staff and their flag. (D holding the sign, A in the white shirt).
My sons associate with some great boys and men up there and it has always been a wonderful learning experience for them. They even get to speak in church on it tomorrow... they are thrilled!

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