Friday, June 29, 2012


The first day of our Gordon family reunion was on the mountain. There are lots of fires north of us, but our canyon is still pretty safe, so we were able to keep with tradition and go to Pete's Hole.
B, D and A awaiting their breakfast.
We started out with a big breakfast that was very yummy! Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, etc... Being in the mountains always makes for hungry bodies.

Little Miss C and Little C have a good time together.
One of my favorite things about reunions is the bonds that it builds or renews between family members. My kids are such good buddies with their cousins and have such a wonderful time together. 

A and C hanging out in our new hammock chairs.
We are so lucky to live in the same town as so many of them. We did have cousins that came all the way from New Mexico and were so glad they did. We LOVE to see them! We were sad the Idaho cousins couldn't come this year.

Miss A, Princess P and Miss G played hard.
The girls played beanie babies and then made a 'restaurant' that we all visited and 'ate' chicken (chunks of dead wood), pasta (pine needles), pineapple (pinecones), and salad (leaves) all served on big platters (pine bark). They were very gracious hostesses.

Uncle C doing a great job on the slackline.
We also fished, hiked, slacklined, played horseshoes, hung out in the hammock and did lots of visiting. Some of the kids are pretty darn good at the slackline. 

D with his nasty 'deer slayer' wound.
Some of the guys rode their bikes down the canyon. D was ripping right along, almost to the pavement when a deer jumped right in front of him and he hit it on his mountain bike! I almost didn't believe it, but one of the cousins watched the whole thing. It was crazy! I can't believe he wasn't hurt worse! He does have quite the nasty hole in his arm and will create a lovely scar which, in turn, will give him the chance to tell his amazing story! People keep asking him if the deer was hurt and he says, 'I hope so!' There's a little bitterness there...

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