Sunday, July 29, 2012


 We did some outdoors activities this weekend and took some photos, so I thought I'd share.
The mighty mountain bikers.
Big C decided we needed to ride the Pioneer Trail up our canyon yesterday, so we gathered our gear and headed up. Unfortunately, Princess P was not at ALL enthusiastic about riding her BMX bike down the steep trail. I ended up riding down the canyon road with her instead. It was a bummer for me, but she was even bawling about that, so I guess it was a good choice.
Little C lounging in Maple Canyon.
After lunch we went up to Maple Canyon to climb. It thundered and rained on us a bit, but then cleared up and was nice. 
Little C climbs while Big C belays, S watches and Princess P times.
After a while of climbing the same two routes a few times, they started timing themselves and trying to beat their own times. It is such a beautiful canyon and we are so fortunate to live so close to it.

S on a wall in the 'School Room' up Maple Canyon.
Princess P climbing.

Princess P helps S gear up to lead climb.
Big C climbing in the rain.
Big C and Princess P from a different view.

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