Monday, August 6, 2012


Our yearly Idaho trip went well. We were basically on our own this year because none of our friends could (or would) come with us. Big C had one friend that came and camped with us for a day, but other than that, it was a Gordon solo trip (much to my kids disappointment- they love it when we have lots of friends come with us- I do too). 
Hot pot time!
 Of course we sat in some of the hot springs. Idaho's hot springs are the best. No sulphur smell to be found. The weather was very warm! We haven't ever been there when it was perfect river running weather, but this was definitely the year for it.
My amazing children!
Big C and S kayaking under one of the bridges on the Cabarton section of the North Fork Payette.
We ran the Main Payette river twice, the Cabarton section of the North Fork and Old Swirly on the South Fork. My favorite is still the Carbarton. The views are amazing and the rapids are huge, but straight forward and VERY fun!

Sunday at camp after church.
We always go to church when we're there and I just had to take a photo. It is so funny to see us all walking around camp in our Sunday best. Believe me, the Sunday clothes come off fast when we get back. This year we even made them go to Sunday School and Priesthood too since we weren't going home that day. We went to the Horseshoe Bend branch (click for link) where S went when she was living there last summer. VERY nice people and impressive youth.

S gives Princess P zip line instructions.
 Big C didn't put up a slackline this year, he did a zip line across the river at our camp. It was amazing and the kids had SO much fun doing it. The only draw back was the water temperature. We camp on the South Fork and it is FREEZING water.

Princess P zipping on the zip line with Big C running the safety boat.
This photo of Princess P on the zip line gives the best perspective of it. They would zip out into the middle of the river and drop in. At the end of the day they were even doing back flips (belly flops) off of it.

Little C, A, D and S all taking a turn on the zip line!
D, fixing the pulley.
At one point the pulley got tangled and D put gloves on and went hand over hand out there to fix it. I called him Indiana Jones. 
Another successful Gordon Family Adventure!

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looks like a beautiful trip, wish i could have been there! aj