Friday, September 7, 2012


Little C turned the big 1-2 today! I can't believe he is so old! He will receive the priesthood, be made a deacon in our church and go to mutual with his 16 year old brother! Wow! What a milestone for him!
A boy and his long board.
He is such a great kid! I am so proud of him!
Little Miss C, Miss B and Priness P- cousins from all sides.
 We always love having an excuse to get together and visit and let the cousins play. We are so lucky to have so much family live in the same town!
Little Miss C helps Little C open his presents.
Little C got some really cool, new, bright blue (expensive) soccer cleats and the long board (up in the first photo) for his birthday gifts. He also got quite a bit of money too, which is good, because he owes us for part of the cleats and board. We aren't that rich!!

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