Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Little C is back in action on the soccer field! Unfortunately, he is on a team with 19 players! He hardly gets any playing time at all. Some kids may not mind it, but Little C LIVES for soccer, so it is a huge disappointment to only get to play about 15 minutes a game.
Nice save!
 I am a little upset with Ephraim City for the situation. They even called me and asked if I would coach. I said yes but never heard back from them, so now we have 3 teams Little C's age with 18- 20 players on each team!  It is ridiculous! It's hard on coaches and the players.
Another fabulous save by Little C.
Little C played goalie (not his favorite) just so that he could get some play time yesterday. He did VERY well, but he was disappointed in his efforts- two balls got by him. Not the most ideal way to start the season, but hopefully he'll learn from his experiences and become a better player because if it.

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