Monday, September 17, 2012


We are facing some big adjustments in the next few months. This weekend our stake realigned all of our ward boundaries at Stake Conference and we have switched wards. The old 5th ward I used to belong to is now part of 5 other wards. It really needed to be done, I know, but it is still sad and I am really going to miss a lot of the people I saw every Sunday.
Ephraim Stake's new ward boundaries.
Since I am now in the 4th ward I am not the Relief Society President anymore. A small sigh of relief (small because I only served two years, so I'm sure they'll get me again at some point). Some positives about the change are that we are now in my In-law's ward and have some other good friends in there as well. Negatives are that my two oldest, planning on missions within the next 6 months, will leave from a very unfamiliar ward. Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme, but there was a small amount of disappointment expressed when we were talking the other day. We just have some adjustments to make, but I know things will work out. We are actually excited to start a new chapter.

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