Sunday, September 30, 2012


Last night was A's first Homecoming date (actually, I think it was his first date, period). They played pool and ping pong at a friend's home then went bowling. After that they came to our house where Big C and I made dinner for them.
Cheers! The Group.
They boys bought nice, big steaks and Big C grilled them to perfection and there was also a yummy salad made by one of the moms with baked potatoes, fruit salad and homemade rolls. A was in heaven! Aside from the attack of the flies, all went well and they ate lots.

'69 Camero and the guys.
Some of the girls needed a LONG time to get ready, so the guys took the girls home and went to the Malt Shop and had 'The Hog Trough' (a huge banana split). I can't believe they were still hungry after dinner, but A says they ate the whole thing.

The dressed up group. (A is in the white tie).
When they were all ready, they came back here for photos. They all looked so nice. And then they went and danced the night away!!
Goofy group!
And that was Homecoming 2012!

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