Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We are headed north to my brother's house this year for Thanksgiving with all my siblings and their families. We are all excited to be going. We have a good time with my family. This year my brother made the food assignments and gave me the green bean casserole and a tossed salad. My family won't eat green bean casserole and I have never made it in my life, so my younger sister and I traded.
Rolls are an important food group.
I got to make the rolls and two pies. Rolls are a hot commodity at my house. We are bread fiends! So... I made 8 dozen rolls for about 26 people. I know that sounds like a lot, but I KNOW for a fact that I will not be bringing any leftovers home. My boys will eat them for dessert! (Big C, my biggest boy, already snuck one from the pan)!

Apple crisp so that I can use up all my canned apples.
My assignment technically involved pies, but I rebelled and didn't make them. My other brother has pies too, so I did desserts instead. No one in my family really eats pie and I made things I know they will eat. Apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for one!

Pumpkin pie cake!
I also made pumpkin pie cake. It is SO YUMMY! It is all the wonderful flavor of pumpkin pie without they yucky pie crust. I am drooling already! Bring on the feast, I am ready!

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Tonia Fraser said...

I think I'm coming to your celebration. Those rolls look like they are to DIE for (and I am a bread person too!) We are down here in Ephraim for Thanksgiving!