Saturday, November 17, 2012


I have been trying to get my passport renewed this past week. I am hoping to go on the Art Department's trip to Europe this March and will need it then, so I thought I'd try to get it done for the cruise. What a pain!
I am not sure I will get to do both trips, but I am crossing my fingers. Hopefully things will work out. The photos for passports are the biggest pain. You can pay the post office $40 to take a tiny 2" x 2" photo, but I am too cheap. Who do they think they are? Ansel Adams?
My first try.
I had A take this photo for me first and the postal worker vetoed it because it didn't have a plain background (hey, it was white!) and it was a little grainy. So I tried again...

The one I sent in.
D took this one for me and I am REALLY not fond of it (my nose looks huge!- maybe it really is...), but I was sick of the whole process by then, so I just whited out the background and had it printed at Walmart for $7. I was renewing so it ONLY cost me $120 instead of $150. Talk about ridiculous! What the heck do they do with all that money?? Paint it by hand?

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Paula Guhin said...

Good blog, girl! I noticed you're an art teacher. Please see Mixed Media Manic for some school ideas! Thanks!