Saturday, December 15, 2012


We didn't sleep a wink on the flight from Vegas. The plane was completely full and we were scattered all over. It was the first time most of my kids had ever flown and not a real fun flight to take through the night in the dark. 
There's no better way to kill time than at the beach!
We got to Miami at 6:30 am and rented a car. We drove around Miami Beach and then went swimming and played on the beach until 12:30. It was fun! The water was warm and there were hardly any people around. (I think they think it is cold). 
Miami Beach with my family.
When we couldn't take any more salt, we would get out and walk or play in the sand. 
Our buried children.
 We all ended up buried at one point or another. (Probably my least favorite part of the day. I hate sand in my swimming suit)!
Little C with an amazing sand castle.
This sand castle was on the beach. It had some sort of cement in it or something to make it permanent, so I had Little C pose by it with some shovels to make it look like he made it. :) Also, notice the water kite in the background. Cory was loving it and wishing it was him. We were able to finally board the ship at 1 pm and we were ready after having had no sleep the night before.

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