Sunday, December 16, 2012


The next day was a sea day on the boat. The decks were all super crowded because it was sunny and beautiful, so we had a hard time finding somewhere to be. We explored, ate food, played mini golf, and swam in the pools.
The guys, soaking in some rays.
 I really struggle with motion sickness so I was scared I'd be sick the whole time, but we borrowed some Sea Bands from our friends and I know they really helped me- and my kids too. I was fine when it was calm.

Princess P and S
 The boat felt like being in Las Vegas and it wasn't really our scene to be in such crowds all day, but we managed. I was worried that we'd be around totally drunk, naked people all day long, but it wasn't too bad.
1st Formal Night
That night was the first formal night. We had fun dressing up and eating fancy food. Our dining room was in the back of the boat so it got a little bouncy some nights, but for the most part we had lots of fun there. We loved our waiter, Jose. He was awesome!

Little C and his first lobster dinner.
For some reason, Little C was the brave one when it came to food. It there was something new or strange on the menu, he ordered it. He had shark, alligator and even frog legs. What a true adventurer!!

Spin your napkin.
Ever night, about the time dinner was over, they would have announcements and then play a song. Everyone would dance (esp. the waiters) or wave their napkins around. One night we did the conga line around the dining room and another they played 'Gangnum Style' and we danced to that too! It was fun!

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