Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Belize was the scariest of the places we went. It was also the stinkiest. We got off the boat and went to find a water taxi to one of the small islands off the reef. It was pretty intimidating. No one seemed friendly at all. We found the water taxi went to Caye (key) Caulker. 
Can't get much more picturesque than that!
The island was a cute little place that saw us coming! We paid $20 for a 5 minute golf cart taxi ride. Oh well, it was fun. They didn't have cars here, just golf carts or feet for transportation.

A very beautiful, laid back little spot.
All the roads were just white sand lined by palm trees. It was pretty and not smelly like the mainland. 
Princess P and Little C watching 'their' hermet crabs race.
The snorkeling wasn't great. The reef ended up being too far for us to swim out to, so we just snorkeled around next to the island. We did see a sting ray and star fish- things I'd never seen before, so that was fun.

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