Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Roatan Honduras was our favorite place. It was pretty, the people were friendly, we had great adventures, and didn't feel quite so taken advantage of. We actually didn't have any plans, but this guy named Arnold talked us into letting him take us for the day.
The view from the top of the zipline.
First, (after a fairly scary drive through town) we went to a zipline. We were the first ones there and got half price tickets because of Arnold. It was SO fun! 
D zipping onto one of the tree top platforms.
 It was a gorgeous ride through the jungle on a series of 15 ziplines. We had a blast with our guides. They were hilarious, did all sorts of tricks and encouraged us to do the same.
Little C zipping upside down.
 There were lots of tree houses, ladders, and rope bridges to link the platforms together, so it was all quite the adventure! We felt very safe the whole time too. They were great!
D likes monkeys.
There was a monkey zoo there too and we all got to hold monkeys and let them climb all over us. That was cool too!
The snorkelers. The darker one was Arnold's son, Ritchie. He was our guide.
After the zipline, Arnold took us to a beach on the other side of the island. The snorkeling was the best on the trip! Gorgeous coral, there was tons of beautiful fish and the water was pretty clear. The kids even saw a sea snake, some lobsters and a centipede thing.
A loves the island life.
We also tried banana soda on this island and are sad we don't have it here in the states. It is yummy!!

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