Thursday, December 20, 2012


Grand Cayman was clean and beautiful, but not very friendly. We took a taxi to Smith beach and snorkeled, built sand castles and baked in the sun. It was a low key day compared to yesterday.
Princess P and Little C ride a big lizard statue.
The snorkeling was pretty good. I saw a small octopus and there were big schools of fish.
The little cove we hung out in all day.
We got lots of sun!

My sand/snowman.
It was very hard to remember that it was Christmas time. We were in such warm, sunny places it just didn't feel like winter! They were getting snow back home though, because we came home to it.

At the port.
Princess P and I got sun dresses here and A bought some Hard Rock Cafe tshirts too.

Our family photo.
This was our next formal night, so I made us get a family photo. I really like how it turned out. We look all tanned and happy!

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