Monday, December 3, 2012


Since some members my family are going to start leaving within 4 months, I decided that we needed one last family picture. None of them are ever excited about taking pictures, but for some reason (might have been because it was Fast Sunday...) everyone was extra rebellious yesterday. I almost gave up, but I am glad I persevered. We did get one that I can use for a Christmas card and blow up and put on my wall. They all thought I was nuts for wanting pink and black, but I really like it.
The One I like.
We took these in my in-law's orchard and the cows were in there eyeing us suspiciously. As I was setting the timer they kept telling me that they were going to come up and gore me with their horns. (They didn't have horns, but they did get really close).
My kids.
                                     I tried to take some of just my kids, but they were VERY uncooperative. They do not respect me as a photographer, so I think I'll have to start hiring someone from now on. Little snots. The one up above isn't TOO bad, except for Little C's tie- I'm not sure what's going on there...
Sassy kids!
These are my smart aleck kids, but I actually like this last one. They are so cute!

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Abderrazzak said...

Hi! Verry sweet familly!! I hope you will be happyyyyyyy ever and ever. Bye!