Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We started yesterday with TONS of snow!! The kids ran out first thing and made a snowman. The snow was perfect for building. I am SO glad we got to have a white Christmas!
S, Princess P and Little C with the snowman.
That night we went up to the barn for Christmas Eve, just like we always do! Most of Big C's family were there and the missionaries joined us for dinner as well. It was yummy and nice to get the know them.
The Gordon nativity production.
After the missionaries had to go, we read about Christ's birth and the younger kids acted it out.  It went well, for the most part. Little Miss C wasn't too interested in being the baby Jesus.

Big C and I with the gifts from our sons (we still aren't sure where the 'Jesus loves me' tag came from).
We open gifts on Christmas eve. It takes a long time because there are a lot of people there, so we only watched each person open one and then it was a free-for-all! The kids love that part!
The cousins on the stairs, waiting to see if Santa came!
The next morning we didn't get up until 7 am! I was surprised most of them slept that long! It was a small Christmas from Santa this year because we had gone on our cruise, but the kids still had a great time and got some fun things.
D and S on the big tube.
Since it was a white Christmas and a gorgeous, blinding day outside, we drug a big tube behind the snowmobile and got snow in places we didn't know existed! It was cold, but a great way to spend a beautiful Christmas day.

Me, in my new hat from S, with Little C.
After lunch we watched 'Brave' together and fell asleep. It was a perfect Gordon Christmas!

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