Sunday, December 30, 2012


We gathered the family together and went sledding yesterday. It was VERY cold (high of about 6˚), but we were all sick of being inside.
Aunt J, Cousin A and Princess P ride in the truck.
The canyon road wasn't any good, so we went over the the Gordon farm on Bald Mountain and slid down the road there.
Grandpa G fills in the rocky places.
Because this is a Gordon activity, we had to excavate our sledding track. Grandpa G went and grabbed his little Kabota and packed down the not-so-good places for us. It was awesome! I love that family!!

Trying to keep warm around the fire ring.
It was evening and never really did warm up during the day, so we all had freezing toesies pretty darn quick. If you kept sledding and hiking back up, it wasn't too bad, but eventually the cold set in no matter what you did.

Grandpa G with Princess P and cousins L, A and G.
It was fun to get out there and have a good time together, but it was also nice to come home and get warmed up again too!

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