Thursday, January 24, 2013


D has been 'about to submit' his mission papers for about a month now. There have been quite a few mix-ups and simple mistakes made and they just haven't gotten in. His hair is the latest issue. D has always been attached to his long locks.
Too long!
The bishop called me last night and told me the photo he'd sent in won't work for his missionary application photo and so we had to take another one. D was very good-natured and resigned to the cutting of the hair. I guess maybe he's growing up a bit and getting a little less rebellious (ha ha- actually, he's never been very rebellious).

Too short!
This is the result of Mom cutting his hair. He says he could go into the military now, but I think he looks nice. I always think he looks nice though, so I guess I don't really count, do I?  Hopefully, now the mission papers will really go in this week!!

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