Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The inversions are really bad in Utah right now. We are so glad we don't live in the city (for multiple reasons, not just weather, but I digress...). We are free from breathing the horrible smog caused by inversions, but we have the bone-chilling cold to deal with. When it gets up to 20˚ we actually feel like it's warm. CRAZY!
Big C and his kite.
One of the craziest aspects of this winter phenomenon is that the mountains are 20˚ warmer than the valleys. We took advantage of this strange weather curiosity and hung out both Saturday and Monday on the mountain. Big C got a little kiting in, but the wind just wasn't blowing much.

Little C grinds a rainbow box.
The big boys went up to Park City with their season passes. The rest of us went up Fairview with friends and family. It was LOTS of fun! And so sunny and warm!

Big C and I with our friends the S's.
The only sad thing was that one of Little C's best buddies broke his leg Monday while sledding. Poor guy is out of commission for a while. Little C was pretty shaken up about it, but it should heal well.

Big C gets all the girls!
Ah, we just love those winter sunny days to play in the snow! I hope we have more!!

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