Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today was the day we said goodbye to our sweet S. I was fine on the way up, but S was nervous and quiet.  She didn't eat much when we took her out either.
Mom, S, Dad
We went up to the Provo temple to take a few photos before we dropped her off at the MTC.  There was another family up there too, so we got someone to take a photo for us. It was just Big C and I to drop her off. All the kids had already missed too much school because of the cruise. 
A very happy sister missionary!
Going to the MTC was an interesting experience. We drove in the gates and couldn't BELIEVE the hordes going into the building (you can sort of see them behind S in the photo). As soon as we saw all of them walking in, S came alive. She said, 'I'm so excited!' As we got out of the car I started to bawl (no surprises). Big C and I gave her a quick hug and I snapped a quick pic and she was off- never even looked back. All told, we were on MTC property a grand total of 5 minutes. They have got it down to a science. I am so proud of her I could just burst!

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