Saturday, February 9, 2013


I was not one of those people who knew any of the songs and the story line from Les Mis, but I sure am a fan now. What an amazing story! I love the message of forgiveness and hope. I even have some of the music on my iPod too. I took S before she went into the MTC and we LOVED it (even with the man in the audience singing along with 'Bring Him Home' :), but I just went again last night with Big C and LOVED IT even more! Big C even liked it! When he was on his mission, his mission president said they could go see it and he didn't. He's always regretted it and so, wanted to know what it was all about.

I am by no means a movie reviewer, but I sure do have opinions (that's an understatement if you know me- hehe). There are many who can't stand the singing in the movie version and I have to disagree that this is a negative thing, especially for a viewer like me that was not familiar with the story and music. I was able to understand what these actors were singing and let's face it, sometimes with the operatic voices of Broadway, you miss 75% of the words. The second time through, however, I felt a little different about some of the voices. I am a HUGE Hugh Jackman fan, but his voice bugged me last night. (I can't believe I wrote that, sorry Hugh!) I love Ann Hathaway! She's always been amazing to me. (That song, although the saddest part of the movie, is my favorite part). I'm an Amanda Seyfried fan too, but her voice reminds me of Disney's Snow White and I HATE that movie. Russell Crowe's voice was nice, but untrained. My favorite singer in the whole thing is Samantha Barks who played Eponine. Wow! She was amazing (and yes, I know she played it in London). Over all I would give it a 3 Thumbs Up. I cried and cried and cried- That's a good thing, by the way. Now I just need to see it on Broadway...
Here's a fabulous version of 'Bring Him Home.'

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