Monday, February 11, 2013


When I was put in as Young Women President in our ward, the Stake YW Pres. told me I could combine Young Women in Excellence and New Beginnings if I wanted to. I chose to do it since there were only one or two of us that had ever even been in YW. It was a good choice to wait. We are starting to get it figured out and had a very successful evening last night.
The invites I made.
We chose to decorate in black and white and it was stunning! The girls couldn't get over it! They LOVED it! It was very elegant and pretty simple to do. We got inspiration from here.
The podium and the banner.
A little black and white scrapbook paper, a Cricut, some tape and string make some cute banners! Another sister also had her husband help her mount and spray paint some branches black. We tied tulle on them and hung skeleton keys on ribbons from the branches. 

The pretty food table and the favors and display tables in the background.
We had all sorts of black and white treats that went over well with the girls too. For the favors we ordered small chinese takeout boxes and black and white swirl suckers from Oriental Trading. They are for weddings, so you can personalize them. The theme scripture (D&C 87:8) was printed on the boxes and "An Excellent New Beginning- February 2013" was printed on the suckers.

Some of the Young Women and leaders in our ward.
The girls dressed in black and white as well and we sang "Stand In Holy Places" by Jenny Phillips for the closing song. It was a lovely evening and now we can 'rest' for a few months until the next big thing comes along!

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