Monday, February 18, 2013


D finally got his mission call! We've been waiting for a long time {FOR-E-VER}. It came on a Friday instead of a Wednesday, so missionary things must be changing because of all the hoards trying to get their calls. The post office actually called D that morning at 7, but it's his day to sleep in, so he didn't go get it! Big C wasn't happy. We had to wait until 5 pm, but then all the family in town came, so that was fun. I made pancakes and we all listened in excited silence as he read his call...
An Elder and his call.
He is going to the England Manchester mission and goes straight to the England MTC! He got exactly what he wanted (foreign with no need to learn a language). There was such a strong spirit there. He was shaking he was so excited. It was an amazing experience!

A catching air over the snowmobile. 
Saturday we went up on the mountain. It wasn't super warm, but it was sunny and the snow was perfect! Big C and I even did a tree run on Lower High's Fork. It was powdery and beautiful! Big C kited before and after and had great wind too. It was just a great day to be out in the snow. D had to work and missed it, poor guy.

Birthday banner with some of the Gordon clan.
S's birthday is this week and I am not sure what to get a missionary. My friend posted a photo of her family holding a 'Happy birthday' sign for her missionary on Facebook, so I decided to copy her and do the same for S. I had everybody sign the banner and we will send it to her and the photo. Big C's brother and family were even visiting. It worked out great! {Thanks to Friend C for the idea!} She already needs new shoes (the one's we bought her are 'no bueno' for her feet- according to her), so I go her some and she also gave me a list of things I need to send her anyway. 
Happy birthday Hermana Gordon! We love and miss you!

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