Wednesday, March 27, 2013


On Sunday, we took the train (a novel experience, in and of itself) to Florence. We got there in the early afternoon, dropped our bags at the Hotel de la Pace and walked down the street to the Accademia. That is where Michelangelos' David is (one of my favorite pieces of art ever). The line was all the way down the street and around the building, but we had a Firenze card and got to go in a short line. That happened the whole time we were there, everything we went to see. It made me feel like a VIP!
The David- 15 ft. tall.
They wouldn't allow photographs there (grrr), so this is ripped off of the internet, but I just had to include an image. Walking around the corner and seeing this sculpture at the end of the corridor was one of the more amazing experiences of my trip. It is truly a masterpiece. 

Florence Duomo- Santa Maria del Fiore
Another experience, similar to that, happened after we finally drug ourselves away from the Accademia and walked down to the Duomo. It was breathtaking. It's HUGE and the exterior is covered in different colored marble to make such a dramatic and beautiful building we all just stood there in awe. 
Me with the fake David where the real one used to be.
The next morning we climbed up into the dome of the Duomo and that was a pretty cool experience too. The view of Florence was gorgeous, but it was awesome to see the way the dome was constructed as we were climbing through it too.
Me with Florence at my feet.
Ponte Vecchio
More pizza! (French fries? Really?)

Santa Croce (anyone ever see "A Room With A View"?)
Interior of Santa Maria Novella
I LOVED the style of architecture in Florence. All the churches were gorgeous on the outside, but not as much on the inside- except for Santa Maria Novella. I LOVED the striped arches in here! Fabulous!

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