Thursday, March 14, 2013


I am so lucky! I get to go to Europe next Wednesday! I can't tell you how excited I am! I have been teaching art history for years and will finally get to see many of the works I have been teaching about in real life!! Plus, just to experience the culture and the food is almost enough. I am going with Snow College and we get to go to Rome, Florence and Paris.
Money belt
 I have been getting ready for the last couple days. I was encouraged by an experienced traveler to get a money belt to prevent pick pocketing. I guess they target tourists pretty good over there and I'm sure I'll stand out like the true-blooded American I am, so I bought one.
Keen shoes for walking on the cobbled streets.
I also did a little research into good shoes to wear over there since we will be doing so much walking. I read positive posts about Keens over and over, so I bought these.

Euros- personally, I think they look like board game money.
Lastly, I exchanged some dollars for some euros. It cost me $5 since I wasn't a customer of the bank and the exchange rate is terrible right now. Bummer. 
Now I just need to pack and I am ready to go! Can I just say again- I'M EXCITED!

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