Saturday, March 16, 2013


Little C is the team sports kid in our home. He loves soccer and would play year round if there was a snow soccer club in Utah. He tried out for an accelerated soccer team and made it. He was thrilled because there weren't very many 6th graders that were chosen.
Go Little C!!
Today were the first games of the season... down in Richfield. Big C and I usually whine about just driving 15 minutes to Mt. Pleasant for a game, so an hour away was quite the eye-opener for us. The first game was against a Richfield team and our team did fantastic! Manti-5, Richfield-0
'... good game... good game... good game...'
One of my favorite things about this team is their jerseys! They are a playful pink! I guess that was the majority vote. I think it's awesome!

Pink Panthers!
They were discussing what to call their team and for one half of the second game they were the Pink Panthers. Then, for the second half, they were the BCS (breast cancer supporters). 

Little C heads down to score!
Little C played great- even with two games in the same day. He scored a goal in the second game against South Sevier!  Score: Manti-4, So. Sevier-0. Neither team ever scored on our boys. They are off to a great season! Pink Power!

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