Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The big debate for me this trip has been whether to check my suitcase or just do a carry-on. Well, the decision has been made. I put all of my clothing to take into my carry-on yesterday and there's no room for anything else! 
I have nice, medium-sized suitcase, but S took it on her mission so I went and borrowed one from a friend this morning. I think I am going to feel a whole lot better about everything just checking a bag. I will be able to fit what I need and not feel pressure to pick and choose what I need to leave behind so much.

Last Thursday we realized that D needed to go through the temple tonight if I wanted to be able to go with him because we have a niece getting married in Manti this Saturday and he wants to be there.  That has really complicated life and increased my list of everything that needs to get done, but it is SO worth it. We just ran over to the distribution center this morning and bought all his white clothing. The pants needed to be hemmed and as I was sewing and ironing, I got really teary thinking about what an amazing life I live and what wonderful children I've been blessed with. I love those 'Mom Moments!' I couldn't ask for a better 22nd anniversary present than going through the temple with my second child and helping him get ready to serve the Lord. I love my life and my family so much! How did I get so blessed? (I'm still bawling)!

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