Friday, April 12, 2013


I am taking Printmaking II again, as you may know, and I haven't posted a lot of my work, so here are a few things I photographed yesterday.
Dirty Laundry Online- woodcut, hand tinting.
Above is the traditional allegorical woodcut that we do in this class often. It refers to everyone sharing their 'dirty laundry' on Facebook, if you couldn't guess. Technically this isn't the finished product. Someday I am going to print it onto a xylene transfer of old laundry detergent ads, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. 

Santa Croce- plexi drypoint (tri color)
This one is a small 4x4" work of a church in Florence. It was done with three plates in ochre, red and blue.

D's fabric study in charcoal.
This last one is D's. An assignment for his drawing class. He is getting very good! Just had to brag a bit.

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Christensens said...

Hey Kim, I just wanted to tell you I loved reading about all your European conquests! (That may not be the appropriate word but I'm gonna use it anyway). I think the Pantheon in Rome was one of my favorite places, probably because it was a pagan temple before it got Christianized, plus the architecture is indeed amazing. I wish I had had the 'artists eye' and knowledge you had when we were in the Louvre, but it was still a pretty cool experience, limited as my knowledge was. Also I LOVED the picture of Notre Dame. Also I was jealous of your Duomo pics. There was scaffolding all over the one side (and maybe the front too) when we saw it. Anyway, all your posts took me back and since I hardly see you anymore, I will just write a novel here and say I'm glad you had a fabulous time.