Friday, April 19, 2013


 I think most western states have spring weather that flip flops back and forth between warm and snow, but Utah's is pretty extreme sometimes. Take this week for example: A few days ago, wearing flip flops,  I went and watched A play tennis for his high school team (He did great and won). Then I ran home and watched Little C play soccer (he lost). It was not overly warm by then, but still jacket weather.
A during his tennis match.
A few days later... this next photo is what we woke up to. Yikes! 5 1/2 inches of wet snow! We actually had to shovel and there are still patches of snow on our lawns it has been so cold. 

Morning snow.
Big C left me a cute message in the snow. This is my view while I'm doing the dishes. It was very sweet. What a thoughtful husband!
Love note in the snow.

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