Friday, May 3, 2013


Accelerated soccer is finally done. Little C's pink team came in 3rd in his league. He seemed okay with that. I think he's glad to be done. It cut into his 'friend' time too much. He really does enjoy hanging out with friends.
Ancient coins from 2000?
I found these little treasures in a little 'pocket/trap' at the front of my washer. There was gravel, nails, carpenter pencils and coins. Only the pennies seemed to be roughed up, the silver coins were fine. I can't believe how small some of them are compared to the new penny. Strange...

Little C takes one of DM's bikes for a spin.
Snow College had finals week this week, so we had DM over for one last dinner before he went home for the summer. He brought his 'dirt jumper' down and Little C just had to try it out. It is a pretty cool bike.

Big C digging- only half way there.
Big C made a horrible discovery when he went to get the sprinklers going. We have a water main leak. D's closet floor was soaked and he never told us. Big C has been digging for 3 days and finally found it. The pipes had settled and gotten some pin hole leaks in them. Boo. It has made for some stressful days for Big C.

Women's Conference 2013
My older sister just started working for BYU and got me a free pass to Women's Conference. I went yesterday and it was wonderful. It was great to hear the speakers, but mostly just fun to be with my sis! I'm so sad I can't go today, but my grades are not in (not even close).  
Well, there's my random update for the week.

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Christensens said...

Whoever DM is (nephew, I'm guessing?) in that picture he looks like Casey Affleck. I really thought that's who it was at first. Am I right?