Saturday, May 11, 2013


We are having beautiful spring-like weather finally! We decided to take advantage of it and go hiking. Maple Canyon was the best choice because Big C was already up there doing scout training. We met him up there with some friends and family.
The kids before the hike.
It was a gorgeous day! Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect hiking weather. We did the Loop trail.

Puppy trying to climb the stairs.
Our friends have a new little shih tzu/maltese puppy. It hiked with us for a while and then got carried the rest of the way. It is the cutest puppy ever! (But I still don't want one).

Resting at the View Point.
The hike nearly killed me. Not only am I out of shape, but my allergies are very severe right now. I was gasping for breath. I am going to be one sore mama for mother's day. It is a seriously steep hike with a very gorgeous view at the top. (I wonder why I didn't take a photo of it?)
Princess P and the puppy, resting.

Little C crossing a log.

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