Sunday, June 30, 2013


We have been having a heat wave for the last week and it is NOT FUN! We decided to go beat the 100˚ heat in the water and took some friends down to the Sevier to do a little river running yesterday.
N and Little C getting ready to paddle the inflatable kayak.
It was a perfect river running day- the water was high and so was the thermometer! The river was running so fast that we could do a run in an hour, so we ended up doing 3 trips! We sucked everything we could out of that river!
Big C and I running the lower rapids.
 Some of our friends took photos too, so I am actually in some for a change. The water was so great! I just can't say it enough!

Another loaded raft, another fun trip!
We took turns watching kids and floating the river. It was just like old times when we used to have little ones too. Now we don't have enough kids at home to run a raft by ourselves. So strange how things can change so fast.

Princess P floats the river.
Even the kids thought the water was wonderful. They floated the river in their lifejackets and we couldn't get them to quit and go home.

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