Saturday, June 29, 2013


D, I mean Elder Gordon, is out in his first official area (has been for two weeks now). He enjoyed his stay in the Preston MTC and is now serving right in Manchester in the Swinton area.
Elder Gordon with the Mission President and his wife.
 His companion is from Lindon, Utah and knows Elder Gordon's cousin really well. It is such a small world in the LDS church!
Elder Gordon and his trainer.
 His trainer has only been out four months, but because of the hordes of missionaries flooding the field, this is actually pretty common now. It sounds like they are doing the Lord's will and working hard.

Elder Gordon and his store.
I love this photo and not just because of the irony of the store, but D just looks like such a missionary in this photo! It is awesome!! He's really out there and doing a fabulous job! I am so proud of him!

In another part of the world, Sister Gordon continues to serve faithfully as well. She is still amazing me too. How I got so blessed with these wonderful children/missionaries is still a mystery to me...

Sister Gordon and her new companion at a Relief Society activity.
 S is in a new area too. She is now serving in a little more prosperous area of Miami, rather than the ghetto of Ft. Lauderdale, and also speaking Spanish finally. I am glad she is getting to use her language. She has taught people from Spain, Haiti, Columbia, Peru, etc... I am still wondering what kind of accent she will end up with when she gets home.
S loves her Sanuk shoes. She doesn't wear anything else, and the ones she went out with were in bad shape (see photo below), so I found some more online and sent them too her. The difference is so funny! She's hard on shoes, that girl, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!
The shoes of a missionary.

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