Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have been even more conscientious about taking photos during the week to keep track of the everyday events in our lives. I count this blog as one of my journals, but more than that, I take photos for my children serving missions. They LOVE to see the photos! Even more than the letters, it gives them a sense of what is really going on and what everyone is doing.
The Gordon cousins at Family Night.
 S can't believe how much the younger kids, especially Princess P, have grown in only five months. I guess when you are around them every day you don't see the changes because they are so gradual.

N, M, Little C, and B
Little C and his friends came over the other day to make pancakes at 2 pm one afternoon. They just had to see what it would taste like to use Root Beer and Sprite in them. They had a good time and were pretty good to clean up their mess.
Princess P as a fairy
Princess P got invited to be a helping fairy at a birthday party for a neighbor. This is the only fairy stuff we have at our house because S was a goth fairy when she was 15. No cutesy, pastel fairies at our house.

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