Saturday, June 22, 2013


Swimming lessons started this week for Princess P. She has had a bit of a rough time. Swimming doesn't come easily to her (she takes after Big C and A in that respect) and thinks she should be doing everything perfectly.
Princess P and cousin G practice their diving.
I told her that is the reason they call them swimming 'LESSONS'. She's learning. She gets frustrated, but it helps having cousin G in there with her. They can commiserate together.

Cousins and buddies.
They do have a good time for the most part. Yesterday, after lessons, we went and ate lunch and came back for open swim. There was a whole group of us. It was lots of fun!

Princess P, Miss B, cousin G, cousin C, Little C, friend B.
It was a gorgeous, warm day and the kids hardly got out of the pool at all. They played hard and had fun in the sun!

Princess P in her noodle 'recliner.'

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