Sunday, June 16, 2013


Our ward had an all morning combined ward party Saturday. The bike race and fun run started bright and early at 8:30 am. Our family did the bike race (only 3 miles).
4th and 5th warders line up to 'Beat the Bishop.'
My guys racing to victory!
After the bike and running races there were quite a few other races: three-legged, sack race, book race, etc. Each race had different age categories, so it was fair to everyone. Everyone had a great time and there was lots of participation!
A and E took third in the tree-legged race.
Big C and I did not place in the three-legged race, but we had fun!

Princess P competing in the sack race.
After the races were over, there was a baked potato bar for lunch, but we left to go eat lunch at home. Big C said that Cottonwood Creek was running, so Princess P and I drove over the mountain with him, so he could kayak.
Big C running Cottonwood Creek (Straight Canyon).
He took a pretty nasty swim (came out of his boat). I can't even remember the last time he swam, but he got a little banged up and ended up just hanging out with Princess P and I who were drawing and painting by the river.

Big C (with his face and leg gashes) and Princess P.
They went for a father/daughter hike by the river and found some fishing line with a lure still on it. They tied the line to a stick and Princess P did some 'fishing.'

Princess P fishes in the creek.
We even stopped on the way home on the mountain so she could fish a bit. She's already telling 'fish stories' about how she caught a huge fish and threw it back, we just didn't see it. I think she's got the makings of a great fisherwoman!

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Leslie said...

I love the picture of the sack race with the girls in the air. That has to be a winner for a photo contest.