Friday, June 14, 2013

WORKSHOP #2- watercolor

The second week of my Summer Snow workshops was a watercolor class taught by Osral Allred. He is my favorite watercolor artist in the world. If I could paint like anyone, it would be him. But, alas, I can not.
Oz, the Great and Powerful, with Me!
It was so amazing to watch him paint again. I haven't had a class from him since I was at Snow College (20+ years ago, and we won't go into how many plusses.), so it was great inspiration for me! He has ALS (or Lou Gehrig's) now, but you'd never guess from his work. He is just as incredible as he always has been.

Osral paints a tractor.
Some of my favorite paintings of his are his farm equipment. Do NOT ask me why. I don't like farming or anything, he just creates these amazing images that are just so fabulous! I wish I had a couple thousand dollars to buy one, or even two, of his paintings! Click on his name up there and look at his work on Facebook. You will love them.

Our watercolor class.
I painted quite a bit this week, so I will have to post some of my paintings too... if when they get done...

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DeAngelis Marshall said...

osral preety good with water colors