Friday, June 7, 2013

SUMMER SNOW WORKSHOP- printmaking & book making

I am attending a workshop here at Snow this week for printmaking and book making. That's all I ever do you say? Well, I can't get enough, obviously. It's been a fun opportunity to work with some of the students who had moved on to other schools and came back for the week. We've had a great time!
The Red Book- maquette
We did a little bit of everything in this workshop. I hope I can get all the projects done that I've started. I am really liking a lot of them. There's lots of potential!

Wasp- woodcut, Bread- linocut
Today is the last day and I'm going to have to print, print, and print some more to get done what I want to. Then I can hopefully bring the rest home and finish it here.
N and I, working hard!

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