Thursday, June 6, 2013


We love summertime at our house. There is such a sense of freedom and it is a carefree time for the kids (except when there are chores to be done or pianos to practice).
Princess P and Little C dress up.
On Monday, for Family Night, each of us gave a mini lesson from one of the Church magazines. Princess P's lesson was a play of Ammon among the Lamanites, thus, she was looking through the costume box for the characters in her play. She and Little C ended up putting on these crazy outfits and standing in the driveway waving to people as they drove by. 
Kool Aid anyone?
Today, Princess P and Miss B  had a Kool Aid stand out on the corner. They raked in the dough, ha ha. But they had fun in the sun and that is the most important part! Summer's the best!!

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