Friday, July 12, 2013


I went to Girls Camp on a ward level for the first time in about 22 years. I was actually kind of dreading it, but I had SO MUCH FUN! We have such great girls in our ward and such great Camp Leaders that it was a blast!! We played and laughed and enjoyed the great outdoors!
Here I am doing team building activities.
Our ward's value was virtue this year so our color was gold. Love my glittery headband whydoncha!

I really was expecting to have to mend hurt feelings and smooth crushed egos the entire time, but our girls were really good to each other. I was SO relieved. It made everything so much better!
Some of the 4th ward girls.
I am sad I don't have a good photo of our camp 'outfits'. We had brown shirts that said 'Modest is Hottest' on the back with sparkly gold lettering. We also had gold tutus, gold headbands and beads. We were glam!
Our amazing Stake Leaders in their hero costumes.
The Stake theme was courage this year and all the wards chose a woman hero that emulated our assigned value. Our ward's heroine was Mary, the mother of Christ. She was an amazing example of virtue and I was impressed that our girls chose her.

The bishop leading our girls on a hike.
Our bishop is quite the botanist and we learned a lot of interesting things about the plants and flowers on our hike.

Me with the gorgeous view as a result of our hike.
Thanks to one of my cute Laurels for taking these last two photos of me.

Lunch with the Bishop, Me and E the photographer.

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