Saturday, July 6, 2013


The last day of the reunion was the day on the mountain. For some reason I didn't take photos of it. We ate lunch, hiked and I did some sketching in my sketch book. It looked like rain then, so we packed up quickly and those that wanted to bike, took off.
A tried to push his muddied bike.
 It had been raining every night for the last while, so it was already muddy. By the time we were driving down the canyon it was lightning and thundering like crazy. The rain was going slide ways and we were wondering how the bikers were doing, so we stopped at the end of the one trail check them. Their bikes were so crammed with mud, some of them were carrying them.

A and Big C head for the less muddy Canyon Road to ride the mud out of their bikes.

They were super muddy when they got home! 
They will never forget that ride! What a memory it will be!

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