Monday, September 2, 2013


For the long weekend we went to Utah County to the Christensen family reunion. It is the year when we meet with just my siblings and their families, so it is smaller and my kids like it so much better than the huge one with all my cousins. We are getting to be a pretty large group just by ourselves now and not everyone could come this year, plus we have three missionaries out. I hope my parents are looking down on their posterity and feeling proud. 
On the hike to Stewart Falls.
We had a BBQ the first night, with an outdoor movie to follow and then the kids slept in tents in my brother's backyard. It was really fun to be together again and get reacquainted with everyone.
On the cliff by Stewart Falls
The next day we hiked to Stewart Falls (up by Sundance Ski Resort). I had never been there before. It was a very pretty hike! The trees are just barely starting to turn into their autumn colors.
Stewart Falls (our kids on top and below).
It wasn't super hot, but it was very humid this weekend, so some of the kids (and adults too), walked under the falls for a brief cool down after the hike.
Family baseball game.
We went to church on Sunday and then had a big mexican food dinner that evening all together. On Monday, we played baseball at the park in the morning. The grass was sopping, sodding wet from rain and sprinklers, so it was quite a comical game with everyone slipping and falling and sliding and skidding!

Family photo
After the game and the home run contest (which Big C won), we took a family photo and went our separate ways. It was a very successful family reunion and we all made some great memories!

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